Spike protein Zapper


This is a free frequency generator program that can help alleviate the side effects of mRNA vaccines.

It contains the following frequencies (based on Dr. Rife - CAFL database):
Neutralization of spike protein:
4689.45 Hz
2465.67 Hz
6648.45 Hz
4466.45 Hz
DNA recovery:
528 Hz.
731 Hz
732 Hz
Blood clot, Thrombosis:
800 Hz.
20 Hz.

The software generates the frequencies through the sound card.
The generated signal can be fed into the body through body electrodes.
Recommended for additional TENS gel as well as minimal signal amplification for a desktop active speaker. The electrodes must be connected to the headphone output of the speaker. The electrodes should be placed on the inside of the wrist.
The program is 27 minutes, a frequency is generated for 3 minutes.


The software is not a medical device, everyone can use it at their own risk!