Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

The mattress and the Rife software together will generate a pulsing magnetic field .

PEMF therapy set

The set includes:

  1. Sirius - Dr. Rife bioresonance software
  2. Electromagnetic mattress
  3. Special Amplifier
  4. Connection cable
  5. TENS cable set  

Sirius bioresonance software:

  • Database 1100 therapy (CAFL database, Dr. Rife frequency)
  • Bio-resonance frequencies of human bodies
  • Chakra Therapy
  • Manual input frequency
  • Patient database
  • Expandable database


Signal Amplifier:

Advanced amplifier: external power supply, modified connectors.
See the picture: amp_1  amp_2

  • temperature overrun inside and short circuit protection!
  • intensity control knob
  • standard interface
  • LED feedback
  • 18 Watt
  • Power: 110-220V/12Volt 2A

Electro-magnetic mattress:

  • size: 160cmX60cm
  • durable, clean finish
  • induced magnetic field radius of 1 meter
  • magnetic field of uniform strength (the entire surface of the mattress is wired)

Connecting cable:

  • Jack- RCA cable to the computer sound card output can be connected to the amplifier input signal.

Demo video: