Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to put together a therapy kit?

2. How to assemble a body scanner kit?

3. Where should I place the electrodes during the treatment?

4. Where should I place the electrodes for body scanning?

5. How should I install and register the software?


1. The software generates the frequencies through the sound card. The sound card connector must be connected to a signal amplifier. The signal amplifier transmits the amplified signal to the electrodes. The example assembly picture shows a mono (single-channel) amplifier.


2. The Biofeedback function requires two pairs of electrodes. When scanning the body, an amplified signal must be delivered to the body via two electrodes. The signal feedback works with two other electrodes, which must be connected directly to the microphone input.


3. During the treatment, it is necessary to make sure that the treated part of the body is between the two electrodes. If the whole body is affected or the area cannot be specifically defined, then place 1 electrode each on the wrist of the right and left hand.


4. Place on the right side of the body (e.g. forearm) 1 piece of therapeutic and 1 piece of scanning electrode right next to it. Place 1 therapeutic and 1 scanning electrode on the left side of the body in the same way. The electrodes should be close to each other, but they should not contact.

5. Installation and registration


The installed software can be launched through the shortcut on the desktop. During the first launch, the software must be registered through the following window. After pressing the "Code Generation" button, the code received must be sent through the form on the website In the response message, you will receive the registration code which must be entered in the "Enter Registration Code" text box and then press the "Registration" button. After that, the software will start in the selected language. The registration process is necessary due to the copy protection.


The software license is valid for one computer and the code remains unchanged in case of a system re-installation or hard drive change.