Bioresonance software

Bioresonance therapy through the computer!
Includes Dr. Rife frequency database

The developed program generates the frequencies through the sound card of the computer. During the treatment electrodes are attached to the body, which must be connected to the sound card output of the computer. Amplifier is recommended to use in order to achieve adequate signal strength. The frequency input is completely safe, because a specific frequency does not affect other cells. The great advantage of this method is that we do not need to buy a separate device, so the price is much cheaper than Dr. Clark's Zapper and other devices for frequency treatment. The program includes 1100 frequency therapies for the variety of diseases. There is a possibility to input additional frequencies manually, so frequencies determined by the other researchers may be used, too.

Sirius software home screen with selectable menus:


Dr. Rife frequency database:


The program is made possible body energy centers (chakras) to restore good vibrations (chakra harmonization),



Correct operating frequencies of the following bodies include:
stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, colon, lungs, digestive system, fat cells, brain, liver, kidney, blood, muscle, bladder, bone, adrenal.



You can create patient database, assigned therapies.


Possibility to enter manual frequency