Bioresonance software

Sirius Bioresonance software home screen with selectable menus:

Dr. Rife frequency database:

This page contains the frequency database, which includes Dr. Rife's frequency rows (CAFL database). You can select the therapies from the list by scrolling the table or typing in the search field above. The selected therapy can be chosen by double-clicking on the row. Then the frequencies associated with the therapy will be shown in the list on the right side and the duration of the treatment is shown at the bottom of the page. Then, the treatment can be started by pressing the "Start therapy" button. The right window shows the currently generated frequency and the remaining time of the treatment. When the countdown runs out, the treatment will stop. The database can be edited through the table and additional rows can be added. The modification can be finalized with the "Save CSV" button. There is an option to open a database file from other sources, subject to the standard csv file format.


The "Frequencies" page allows for restoring vibrations and generating manually specified frequencies. In the Organs/Chakras/Homeopathic Remedies window, you can select the desired option by selecting the checkboxes or clicking on the table row. The selected image will then be visible. The frequency generation can be started by pressing the "Start" button and will last for the duration specified in the time duration window. In the right side windows, manual frequency input and "sweeping" between two specified frequency values can be performed.


The "Patients" page is where you can add patients and associate personalized frequency sets with them. You can also open unique frequency files that are created by the program after a biofeedback analysis or from external sources. The file to be opened must be in "csv" format and must have the following structure: (Name; Therapy name; Frequency values;...). The compiled frequency sets can be run one by one or consecutively.



This software version does not include the Biofeedback function!


Software features:


  •  Dr. Rife (CAFL) database (English, German and Hungarian).

  •  Organ frequencies.

  •  Chakra, energy center frequencies.

  •  Homeopathic remedies database.

  •  Manual frequency input option.

  •  Sweep function for generating frequencies between two specified values.

  •  Patient record-keeping, personalized frequency sequences can be assembled.

  •  Editable database.

  •  Ability to load therapy database and patient frequency files from other sources (in "csv" format). 

  • Saving the frequencies of the compiled therapies in audio(wav) format.

  • Frequency waveforms:   Sine, Square, Triangle, Sawtooth.

  •  Frequency range: 1-20,000 Hertz.

  •  Available languages during installation: Hungarian, English, and German.

The software is not considered a medical device!
Not suitable for diagnosis!
The Sirius software was specifically designed for experimentation!
Anyone can use the software at their own risk!